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David Winter CottageYear Released Year Retired Collection Recent eBay Sales Open eBay Auctions
Sabrina's Cottage19821982The Main Collection 2
Saddle Steps19921995Cameo Collection 19
Sailor20022002Victorian Rhyme Collection
Sairey Gamp's Home20052005Dickens Christmas Collection
Sairey Gamp's Home20062006Christmas Ornaments
Scrooge's School19921992Christmas Collection 49
Scrooge's School19931993Christmas Ornaments 4
Secret Garden20082012The Main Collection - FDW
Secret Shebeen19921993Irish Collection 17
Sextons19971997Collector's Guild Pieces 16
Shakespeare's Birthplace19821984The Main Collection 3
Shepherd and Flock20062006Christmas Ornaments
Shepherd and Flock20062006Hymns and Carols Collection
Sherwood Diorama19951998Sherwood Forest Collection
Shirehall19851995Heart of England Series 97
Shropshire Pig Shelter19931995The Shires 6
Silent Night20072007Christmas Ornaments
Silent Night20072007Hymns and Carols Collection
Single Oast 19811993The Regions 42
Sir Griflet's Hovel20002000King Arthur Collection
Sir Lancelot2005Castle Collection - FDW
Sir Lancelot's Castle20072007Christmas Ornaments
Sir Perceval's19992000King Arthur Collection
Sir Tristan's19992000King Arthur Collection 1
Smuggler's Creek19871996The West Country Collection 3
Snow Cottage19841992In The Country 69
Snow Queen Castle20042006Castle Collection - FDW 1
Snow Queen's Castle20052005Christmas Ornaments
Soldier20022002Victorian Rhyme Collection
Spencer Hall Gardens19951995Garden Cottages of England Collection 2
Spencer Hall Gardens Premier Version19951995Garden Cottages of England Collection 1
Spinners Cottage19841991At The Centre Of The Village 105
Spring Hollow19941996Celebration Cottages Collection 12
Spring Hollow Premier19941994Celebration Cottages Collection 7
Squires Hall19851990The Landowners 60
St Anne's Well19901995British Traditions 47
St Barbaras Church20002000Churches and Chapels of Britain Collection 2
St Barbaras Church (US Version)19991999Churches and Chapels of Britain Collection
St Christopher's Church19982000Churches and Chapels of Britain Collection
St George & the Dragon19972001The Main Collection 1
St George's Castle19961996Castle Collection - John Hine 1
St George's Church19851995Heart of England Series 75
St Joseph's Cottage19971999Pilgrims Way Collection 4
St Nicolas' Church, Compton19801982Tiny Series 1
St Paul's Cathedral19811982The Main Collection 1
St Stephen's19951995Winterville Collection 6
St Stephen's Premier19951995Winterville Collection 2
Staffordshire Stable19931995The Shires 11
Staffordshire Vicarage19901995British Traditions 48
Stale Ale20012001Collector's Guild Pieces 2
Stonecutter's Cottage19901995British Traditions 50
Stork Cottage (Boy)19951996Celebration Cottages Collection 5
Stork Cottage (Girl)19951996Celebration Cottages Collection 4
Stratford Giveaway19991999Special Event Pieces
Stratford House19811996The Regions 38
Suffolk Gardens (UK Version)19971998Special Event Pieces 5
Suffolk Gardens (US Version)19971998Special Event Pieces
Suffolk House19851989The Main Collection 54
Suffolk House19921992Christmas Ornaments 22
Sulgrave Manor19801982Tiny Series 2
Summer Garden Party Eggars Hill Plaque19961996Special Event Pieces
Sunday School19971997South Downs Collection 5
Sunflower Cottage20082010Flower Collection
Sussex Cottage19821996The Regions 89
Swan Upping Cottage19931993Collector's Guild Pieces 26
Sweet Dreams19951996Porridge Pot Alley Collection 14
Sweet Dreams Premier19951995Porridge Pot Alley Collection 5
Sweetheart Haven19941996Celebration Cottages Collection 13
Sweetheart Haven Premier19941994Celebration Cottages Collection 1

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