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David Winter CottageYear Released Year Retired Collection Recent eBay Sales Open eBay Auctions
Sabrina's Cottage19821982The Main Collection 3
Saddle Steps19921995Cameo Collection 14
Sailor20022002Victorian Rhyme Collection 2
Sairey Gamp's Home20052005Dickens Christmas Collection
Sairey Gamp's Home20062006Christmas Ornaments
Scrooge's School19921992Christmas Collection 46
Scrooge's School19931993Christmas Ornaments 3
Secret Garden20082012The Main Collection - FDW 1
Secret Shebeen19921993Irish Collection 19
Sextons19971997Collector's Guild Pieces 23
Shakespeare's Birthplace19821984The Main Collection 3
Shepherd and Flock20062006Christmas Ornaments
Shepherd and Flock20062006Hymns and Carols Collection
Sherwood Diorama19951998Sherwood Forest Collection
Shirehall19851995Heart of England Series 95
Shropshire Pig Shelter19931995The Shires 16
Silent Night20072007Christmas Ornaments
Silent Night20072007Hymns and Carols Collection
Single Oast 19811993The Regions 45
Sir Griflet's Hovel20002000King Arthur Collection
Sir Lancelot2005Castle Collection - FDW
Sir Lancelot's Castle20072007Christmas Ornaments
Sir Perceval's19992000King Arthur Collection
Sir Tristan's19992000King Arthur Collection
Smuggler's Creek19871996The West Country Collection 6
Snow Cottage19841992In The Country 83
Snow Queen Castle20042006Castle Collection - FDW
Snow Queen's Castle20052005Christmas Ornaments
Soldier20022002Victorian Rhyme Collection 28
Spencer Hall Gardens19951995Garden Cottages of England Collection 3
Spencer Hall Gardens Premier Version19951995Garden Cottages of England Collection
Spinners Cottage19841991At The Centre Of The Village 105
Spring Hollow19941996Celebration Cottages Collection 12
Spring Hollow Premier19941994Celebration Cottages Collection 6
Squires Hall19851990The Landowners 49
St Anne's Well19901995British Traditions 49
St Barbaras Church20002000Churches and Chapels of Britain Collection 1
St Barbaras Church (US Version)19991999Churches and Chapels of Britain Collection
St Christopher's Church19982000Churches and Chapels of Britain Collection 2
St George & the Dragon19972001The Main Collection 1
St George's Castle19961996Castle Collection - John Hine
St George's Church19851995Heart of England Series 66
St Joseph's Cottage19971999Pilgrims Way Collection 2
St Nicolas' Church, Compton19801982Tiny Series
St Paul's Cathedral19811982The Main Collection 2
St Stephen's19951995Winterville Collection 6
St Stephen's Premier19951995Winterville Collection
Staffordshire Stable19931995The Shires 14
Staffordshire Vicarage19901995British Traditions 44
Stale Ale20012001Collector's Guild Pieces
Stonecutter's Cottage19901995British Traditions 52
Stork Cottage (Boy)19951996Celebration Cottages Collection 6
Stork Cottage (Girl)19951996Celebration Cottages Collection 6
Stratford Giveaway19991999Special Event Pieces
Stratford House19811996The Regions 36
Suffolk Gardens (UK Version)19971998Special Event Pieces 7
Suffolk Gardens (US Version)19971998Special Event Pieces
Suffolk House19851989The Main Collection 67
Suffolk House19921992Christmas Ornaments 14
Sulgrave Manor19801982Tiny Series
Summer Garden Party Eggars Hill Plaque19961996Special Event Pieces
Sunday School19971997South Downs Collection 4
Sunflower Cottage20082010Flower Collection
Sussex Cottage19821996The Regions 90
Swan Upping Cottage19931993Collector's Guild Pieces 39
Sweet Dreams19951996Porridge Pot Alley Collection 14
Sweet Dreams Premier19951995Porridge Pot Alley Collection 2
Sweetheart Haven19941996Celebration Cottages Collection 12
Sweetheart Haven Premier19941994Celebration Cottages Collection 3

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