Cottages Listed By Name

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David Winter CottageYear Released Year Retired Collection Recent eBay Sales Open eBay Auctions
Gadfield Elm Chapel20072009The Main Collection - FDW
Gallow's Gate19991999The Main Collection 11
Gardener's Cottage19951995Collector's Guild Pieces 228
Gatekeepers19891996The Scottish Collection 529
Gatekeepers Cottage Colourway Version19911992Limited Edition 1
Gateway to Prague20012002Grand Tour Collection 1
Glebe Cottage19941997English Village Collection 14
Gloucestershire Greenhouse19931995The Shires 44
Gold Dealer Plaque19951995Special Event Pieces
Golf Clubhouse19961996The Main Collection 34
Good King Wenceslas20082008Christmas Ornaments
Good King Wenceslas20082008Hymns and Carols Collection
Grandma's Cottage20032003Guild Redemptions 15
Graveswood Manor20042006The Main Collection - FDW
Green Dragon Pub19831996At The Centre Of The Village 2474
Greenwood Wagon19921995Cameo Collection 110
Griselda's Cottage19981999Pilgrims Way Collection 12
Grouse Moor Lodge19901995British Traditions 332
Grumbleweed's Potting Shed19951995Special Event Pieces 5
Grumbleweed's Potting Shed (Australian Version)19951995Special Event Pieces
Grumbleweed's Potting Shed (Oktoberfest Version)19951995Special Event Pieces
Guano Heights20002001Eccentrics Collection 1
Guardian Castle19941994Castle Collection - John Hine 56
Guardian Castle Premier19941994Castle Collection - John Hine 5
Guinevere's Castle19961996The Main Collection 22
Guinevere's Castle Premier19961996The Main Collection 32
Guinevere's Castle20082008Christmas Ornaments
Gunsmiths Cottage19881996Midlands Collection 419
Guy Fawkes19901995British Traditions 337

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