Cottages Listed By Name

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David Winter CottageYear Released Year Retired Collection Recent eBay Sales Open eBay Auctions
Mabon's House20002001King Arthur Collection 21
Macbeth's Castle19891996The Scottish Collection 813
Mad Baron Fourthrite's Folly19921992Limited Edition 519
Mad Hatter's20022002Special Event Pieces 6
Mad Hatter's Hat20022002Special Event Pieces 4
Maid Marian's Retreat19951999Sherwood Forest Collection 24
Market Day19921995Cameo Collection 420
Market Street19801996At The Centre Of The Village 12113
Marquis Walter's Manor19981998Pilgrims Way Collection 7
Mead Cottage20002000Christmas Ornaments
Meadowbank Cottages19851995Heart of England Series 378
Merlin's Castle19991999King Arthur Collection 13
Milestone Cottage 19971999The Main Collection 3
Mill House (Original)19801980The Main Collection
Mill House (Re-modelled)19801983The Main Collection 418
Miners Cottage19831987The Main Collection 419
Miners Row19881996Midlands Collection 530
Miss Belle's Christmas Plaque19951995Christmas Collection 16
Miss Belle's Cottage19951995Christmas Collection 214
Miss Belle's Cottage Premier19951995Christmas Collection 11
Miss Winthrope's Stable20042006The Main Collection - FDW
Mister Fezziwig's Emporium19901990Christmas Collection 661
Mister Fezziwig's Emporium19911991Christmas Ornaments 17
Mistletoe Cottage19981998Collector's Guild Pieces 112
Mole Catcher's Cottage20052005Guild Redemptions
Moonlight Haven19911996The Main Collection 934
Moorland Cottage19821987The Main Collection 213
Mordred's Cottage20002001King Arthur Collection 11
Morgan Le Fay19992000King Arthur Collection 2
Mother's Cottage19951996Celebration Cottages Collection 515
Mother's Cottage Premier19951996Celebration Cottages Collection 13
Mouse Catcher's Cottage20052005Guild Redemptions
Mr Brownlow's20002001Oliver Twist Christmas Collection 19
Mr Bumble's19971997Oliver Twist Christmas Collection 7
Mr Clinker's Cottage19992000Traditional Crafts Collection 1
Mr Cocker's Cottage19992000Traditional Crafts Collection
Mr Delver's Cottage19992000Traditional Crafts Collection 1
Mr Fang the Magistrate's House19981998Oliver Twist Christmas Collection 119
Mr Fletcher's Cottage20002000Traditional Crafts Collection 1
Mr Kelman's Cottage19992000Traditional Crafts Collection 13
Mr. Pickwick's Parlor20042004Dickens Christmas Collection 1
Mr. T. Bone and Son20042006The Main Collection - FDW 1
Mr Turner's Cottage20002000Traditional Crafts Collection 1
Much's Mill19951998Sherwood Forest Collection 17
Murphys19921996Irish Collection 38
Myton Tower19982000Mystical Castles of Britain Collection 2

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