Cottages Listed By Name

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David Winter CottageYear Released Year Retired Collection Recent eBay Sales Open eBay Auctions
Mabon's House20002001King Arthur Collection 2
Macbeth's Castle19891996The Scottish Collection 915
Mad Baron Fourthrite's Folly19921992Limited Edition 622
Mad Hatter's20022002Special Event Pieces 15
Mad Hatter's Hat20022002Special Event Pieces 2
Maid Marian's Retreat19951999Sherwood Forest Collection 3
Market Day19921995Cameo Collection 119
Market Street19801996At The Centre Of The Village 795
Marquis Walter's Manor19981998Pilgrims Way Collection 8
Mead Cottage20002000Christmas Ornaments
Meadowbank Cottages19851995Heart of England Series 571
Merlin's Castle19991999King Arthur Collection 24
Milestone Cottage 19971999The Main Collection 1
Mill House (Original)19801980The Main Collection
Mill House (Re-modelled)19801983The Main Collection 520
Miners Cottage19831987The Main Collection 216
Miners Row19881996Midlands Collection 232
Miss Belle's Christmas Plaque19951995Christmas Collection 8
Miss Belle's Cottage19951995Christmas Collection 310
Miss Belle's Cottage Premier19951995Christmas Collection
Miss Winthrope's Stable20042006The Main Collection - FDW
Mister Fezziwig's Emporium19901990Christmas Collection 1059
Mister Fezziwig's Emporium19911991Christmas Ornaments 7
Mistletoe Cottage19981998Collector's Guild Pieces 112
Mole Catcher's Cottage20052005Guild Redemptions
Moonlight Haven19911996The Main Collection 433
Moorland Cottage19821987The Main Collection 39
Mordred's Cottage20002001King Arthur Collection 2
Morgan Le Fay19992000King Arthur Collection 1
Mother's Cottage19951996Celebration Cottages Collection 13
Mother's Cottage Premier19951996Celebration Cottages Collection 4
Mouse Catcher's Cottage20052005Guild Redemptions
Mr Brownlow's20002001Oliver Twist Christmas Collection 1
Mr Bumble's19971997Oliver Twist Christmas Collection 44
Mr Clinker's Cottage19992000Traditional Crafts Collection 4
Mr Cocker's Cottage19992000Traditional Crafts Collection
Mr Delver's Cottage19992000Traditional Crafts Collection 1
Mr Fang the Magistrate's House19981998Oliver Twist Christmas Collection 513
Mr Fletcher's Cottage20002000Traditional Crafts Collection 1
Mr Kelman's Cottage19992000Traditional Crafts Collection 3
Mr. Pickwick's Parlor20042004Dickens Christmas Collection 1
Mr. T. Bone and Son20042006The Main Collection - FDW
Mr Turner's Cottage20002000Traditional Crafts Collection 1
Much's Mill19951998Sherwood Forest Collection 4
Murphys19921996Irish Collection 37
Myton Tower19982000Mystical Castles of Britain Collection 21

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