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David Winter CottageYear Released Year Retired Collection Recent eBay Sales Open eBay Auctions
Balmoral Castle20082010Castle Collection - FDW
Barking Rocks Lighthouse20072009The Main Collection - Harbour Lights
Barley Malt Kiln19921995Cameo Collection 39
Barnacle Theatre19951995Seaside Boardwalk Collection6 6
Barrington Manor (Limited Edition)20072009Castle Collection - FDW
Bas-Relief Plaque Street Scene19891989Collector's Guild Pieces2 8
Benbow's Farmhouse Herefordshire19871993In The Country5 21
Berkshire Milking Byre19931995The Shires 12
Bill & Nancy's House19991999Oliver Twist Christmas Collection87
Birth Day Cottage (Arches Thwonce)19931994Special Event Pieces3 12
Birthstone Wishing Well19921993Special Event Pieces4 25
Bishopsgate19951996Castle Collection - John Hine6 3
Bishopsgate Premier19951995Castle Collection - John Hine 13
Black Roc Castle (Limited Edition)20092009Castle Collection - FDW
Blackfriars Grange19851994Heart of England Series14 29
Blarney Castle20072009Castle Collection - FDW
Blossom Cottage19901995British Traditions 447
Blue Bell Inn20082010Flower Collection
Bridgestone House20042004Guild Redemptions 1
Bridgewater19991999Special Event Pieces6 2
Brooklet Bridge19921995Cameo Collection 312
Brookside Hamlet 19821991In The Country 1243
Buckinghamshire Bull Pen19931994The Shires 112
Burg Eltz20012001Grand Tour Collection
Burn's Reading Room19901995British Traditions 639
Buttercup Cottage19951996Collector's Guild Pieces5 15
Buttercup Cottage19951995Christmas Ornaments 2

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