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David Winter CottageYear Released Year Retired Collection Recent eBay Sales Open eBay Auctions
Balmoral Castle20082010Castle Collection - FDW 1
Barking Rocks Lighthouse20072009The Main Collection - Harbour Lights
Barley Malt Kiln19921995Cameo Collection 9
Barnacle Theatre19951995Seaside Boardwalk Collection 8
Barrington Manor (Limited Edition)20072009Castle Collection - FDW
Bas-Relief Plaque Street Scene19891989Collector's Guild Pieces 15
Benbow's Farmhouse Herefordshire19871993In The Country 25
Berkshire Milking Byre19931995The Shires 15
Bill & Nancy's House19991999Oliver Twist Christmas Collection6
Birth Day Cottage (Arches Thwonce)19931994Special Event Pieces 17
Birthstone Wishing Well19921993Special Event Pieces 35
Bishopsgate19951996Castle Collection - John Hine 1
Bishopsgate Premier19951995Castle Collection - John Hine 3
Black Roc Castle - White Bones (Limited Edition)20092009Castle Collection - FDW
Blackfriars Grange19851994Heart of England Series 55
Blarney Castle20072009Castle Collection - FDW
Blossom Cottage19901995British Traditions 44
Blue Bell Inn20082010Flower Collection
Bridgestone House20042004Guild Redemptions 1
Bridgewater19991999Special Event Pieces 7
Brooklet Bridge19921995Cameo Collection 12
Brookside Hamlet 19821991In The Country 51
Buckinghamshire Bull Pen19931994The Shires 16
Burg Eltz20012001Grand Tour Collection 1
Burn's Reading Room19901995British Traditions 45
Buttercup Cottage19951996Collector's Guild Pieces 20
Buttercup Cottage19951995Christmas Ornaments 3

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