Cottages Listed By Name

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David Winter CottageYear Released Year Retired Collection Recent eBay Sales Open eBay Auctions
Pen Y Graig19931996The Welsh Collection 214
Penny Wishing Well19921995Cameo Collection 517
Pershore Mill19911991Collector's Guild Pieces 551
Phantom's Ruin20002000Haunted House Collection 1
Pie and Mash20082008Guild Redemptions
Pilgrims Rest19831993In The Country 1093
Plough Farmstead19961997Collector's Guild Pieces 412
Plough Farmstead19961996Christmas Ornaments 1
Plum Cottage19931993The Main Collection 119
Porridge Pot Arch19951996Porridge Pot Alley Collection 4
Poultry Ark19921995Cameo Collection 219
Premier Stockist Plaque19941994Special Event Pieces
Primrose Cottage19961996Special Event Pieces 67
PROVENCAL 'A'19811981Tiny Series
Provencal B19811981Tiny Series
Provencal One19811981The Main Collection
Provencal Two19811981The Main Collection
Pudding Cottage19901995British Traditions 750
Punch Stables19961997Collector's Guild Pieces 54
Punch Stables19961996Christmas Ornaments 2

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