Cottages Listed By Name

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David Winter CottageYear Released Year Retired Collection Recent eBay Sales Open eBay Auctions
Fagin's Hideout20022002Oliver Twist Christmas Collection 43
Fair-Well Cottage20022002The Main Collection 23
Fairytale Castle19821989The Main Collection 2116
Fairytale Castle19921992Christmas Ornaments 65
Falstaff Manor19861991The Landowners 320
Fire Watcher's Tower19992000Forest of Dean Collection 1
Firkin Cottage20012001Collector's Guild Pieces 14
First Born Cottage20032003Guild Redemptions 13
Fisherman's Shanty19951998Seaside Boardwalk Collection 31
Fogartys19921994Irish Collection 314
Foley's Folly20062008Castle Collection - FDW
Forget-Me-Not Cottage20102012The Final Five
Fred's Home19911991Christmas Collection 2054
Fred's Home19921992Christmas Ornaments 317
Friar Tuck's Sanctum19951998Sherwood Forest Collection 3
Friendship Cottage19951995Collector's Guild Pieces 15

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