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David Winter CottageYear Released Year Retired Collection Recent eBay Sales Open eBay Auctions
Dagonet The Fools19992000King Arthur Collection
Daisy Cottage20062008Flower Collection
Daresbury Castle20002000Mystical Castles of Britain Collection 1
David's Gate20002000Limited Edition 1
David's Studio Door20042004Guild Redemptions
Derbyshire Dovecote19931995The Shires 43
Derbyshire Mill19881994Midlands Collection 720
Devon Creamery19871996The West Country Collection 825
Devoncombe19871994The West Country Collection 223
Diorama (Bright Version)19921995Cameo Collection 114
Diorama (Light Version)19921992Cameo Collection 422
Dock Accessory19951998Seaside Boardwalk Collection 1
Double Oast19811982The Main Collection 1
Dove Cottage19801983The Main Collection 13
Drovers Cottage19821996In The Country 963
Druid's Fortress20012001The Main Collection

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