Cottages Listed By Name

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David Winter CottageYear Released Year Retired Collection Recent eBay Sales Open eBay Auctions
October Gales19981999Special Event Pieces
O'Donovans Castle19921996Irish Collection 5
Old Curiosity Shop20042006The Main Collection - FDW
Old Iron Bridge20022002Collector's Guild Pieces 2
Old Joe's Beetling Shop19931993Christmas Collection 47
Old Joe's Beetling Shop19941994Christmas Ornaments 4
On The Riverbank19931993Collector's Guild Pieces 61
One Acre Cottage19941997English Village Collection 22
One Man Jail19921995Cameo Collection 19
Only A Span Apart19921993Irish Collection 17
Orchard Cottage19871991The West Country Collection 45
Oxfordshire Goat Yard19931994The Shires 14
Oyster Bay Cottage20062007The Shires

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