Cottages Listed By Name

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David Winter CottageYear Released Year Retired Collection Recent eBay Sales Open eBay Auctions
October Gales19981999Special Event Pieces 1
O'Donovans Castle19921996Irish Collection 95
Old Curiosity Shop20042006The Main Collection - FDW
Old Iron Bridge20022002Collector's Guild Pieces 11
Old Joe's Beetling Shop19931993Christmas Collection 744
Old Joe's Beetling Shop19941994Christmas Ornaments 13
On The Riverbank19931993Collector's Guild Pieces 556
One Acre Cottage19941997English Village Collection 23
One Man Jail19921995Cameo Collection 516
Only A Span Apart19921993Irish Collection 714
Orchard Cottage19871991The West Country Collection 648
Oxfordshire Goat Yard19931994The Shires 212
Oyster Bay Cottage20062007The Shires

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