Cottages Listed By Name

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David Winter CottageYear Released Year Retired Collection Recent eBay Sales Open eBay Auctions
Lace Makers Cottage19881996Midlands Collection 1015
Lancashire Donkey Shed19931995The Shires 56
Last Stand Castle20102012The Final Five
Let It Snow20092009Hymns and Carols Collection
Lily Cottage20062008Flower Collection
Limestone Brook20022002Special Event Pieces 11
Little Bit of Nonesense19931996The Welsh Collection 22
Little Forge19801983The Main Collection 5
Little John's Riverloft19951999Sherwood Forest Collection 2
Little Market 19801993At The Centre Of The Village 982
Little Mill (Original)19801980The Main Collection
Little Mill (Re-modelled)19801983The Main Collection 13
Lock Keepers Cottage19881996Midlands Collection 232
Lodgings and Sea Bathing19951998Seaside Boardwalk Collection 5
Long Beach Giveaway19991999Special Event Pieces
Looking For George20002002Mystical Castles of Britain Collection 1
Lover's Tryst19961996In The Country 12
Loxley Castle19951999Sherwood Forest Collection 23
Lucy's Nic Nacs20032005The Main Collection - FDW 1
Lych Gate19921995Cameo Collection 35

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