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David Winter Cottage
Collection: Limited Edition
Year Released Year Retired Collection Recent eBay Sales Open eBay Auctions
Wintershill (Jim'll Fix It)19881989Limited Edition
The Cartwright's Cottage19901990Limited Edition 227
Gatekeepers Cottage Colourway Version19911992Limited Edition 22
Mad Baron Fourthrite's Folly19921992Limited Edition 321
Horatio Pernickety's Amorous Intent19931993Limited Edition 511
Quindene Manor19941994Limited Edition 33
Quindene Manor Premier19941994Limited Edition 43
Newtown Millhouse19951995Limited Edition 113
Welcome Home Cottage19951995Limited Edition 29
Welcome Home Cottage (Military Version)19951995Limited Edition
David's Gate20002000Limited Edition 7
King Canute20012001Limited Edition 11

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