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David Winter CottageYear Released Year Retired Collection Recent eBay Sales Open eBay Auctions
Tailor20022002Victorian Rhyme Collection 1
Tamar Cottage19871996The West Country Collection 326
Thameside19931993Collector's Guild Pieces 217
Thank You Gift19971997Collector's Guild Pieces 29
The Alchemist's Cottage19971999Pilgrims Way Collection 11
The Apothecarys Shop19851995Heart of England Series 644
The Architect's19992000Collector's Guild Pieces 15
The Artist's Studio19972000Forest of Dean Collection
The Assayers Tower20002000Crack The Code Collection 1
The Astrologer's Castle19991999Mystical Castles of Britain Collection
The Bakehouse19831996At The Centre Of The Village 571
The Beachcomber's20002001Eccentrics Collection
The Beekeeper's19921992Collector's Guild Pieces 422
The Bird Cage19982000Pubs and Taverns of England Collection 2
The Black Bess Inn19881990Collector's Guild Pieces 224
The Blacksmiths19821986The Main Collection 2
The Boat House19901995British Traditions 29
The Bombay Duck20022002Dinner Party Collection 1
The Bookbinder19911994The Main Collection 15
The Bothy19831996In The Country 875
The Bottle Kilns19881991Midlands Collection 433
The Bottle 'n' Glass20002000Oliver Twist Christmas Collection 24
The Brickies19971999Pilgrims Way Collection 2
The Bull and Bush19901995British Traditions 135
The Canal St. Bakery20052005Guild Redemptions
The Candlemaker's19921992Collector's Guild Pieces 320
The Captain's Cabin20052007Neptune's Staircase
The Cartwright's Cottage19901990Limited Edition 217
The Castle Cottage of Warwick19931993Special Event Pieces 13
The Castle Keep19811982The Main Collection
The Castle Wall19951996Castle Collection - John Hine 2
The 'Cat and Pipe' Inn19941997English Village Collection 37
The Chandlery19941997English Village Collection 12
The Chapel19841992At The Centre Of The Village 428
The Charcoal Burner's19981999Collector's Guild Pieces 8
The Charter Tower20062007Guild Redemptions
The Chelsea Pensioner20062008The Main Collection - FDW
The Cheshire Cheese20022002Dinner Party Collection 1
The Christmastime Clockhouse19941994Winterville Collection 24
The Christmastime Clockhouse Premier19941994Winterville Collection 2
The Chronicles Signature20012002Winter Chronicles Collection
The Church and Vestry19941997English Village Collection 17
The Church of the Good Shepherd19992000Churches and Chapels of Britain Collection
The Citadel19962000Forest of Dean Collection
The Coal Shed19891991Collector's Guild Pieces 15
The Cobbler19901991Collector's Guild Pieces 219
The Constabulary19941997English Village Collection 16
The Coppicer's Cottage19981999Collector's Guild Pieces 8
The Copse Chapel19992000Churches and Chapels of Britain Collection 1
The Cotton Mill19831988The Main Collection 311
The Dark Tower20012002Winter Chronicles Collection
The Den at Abbotts End20012001Special Event Pieces
The Derby Arms19961996Special Event Pieces 28
The Dingle19971999Pilgrims Way Collection 3
The Dower House19821993The Landowners 547
The Engine House19951997English Village Collection 13
The Engine House (Disney Version)19931994English Village Collection 1
The Falconry19971999Pilgrims Way Collection 1
The Fishermans Wharf19831996In The Country 446
The Flower Shop19951996Collector's Guild Pieces 7
The Flower Shop19951995Christmas Ornaments 2
The Font of All Knowledge20012002Winter Chronicles Collection
The Forest of Dean Mine19962000Forest of Dean Collection 2
The Forge19801983The Main Collection 7
The Foundation20042004Guild Redemptions
The Friary Cottage20082008Guild Redemptions
The Friary Crypt20072007Guild Redemptions
The Friary Ruins20062006Guild Redemptions
The Gamekeeper19971998Collector's Guild Pieces 16
The Garden Chapel20012001Christmas Ornaments
The Genie in the Lamp20012002Eccentrics Collection
The Gillie's Cottage19891996The Scottish Collection 222
The Good Intent19982000Pubs and Taverns of England Collection
The Good Old Days20102012The Final Five
The Grange19881989The Landowners 533
The Grange19931993Christmas Ornaments 23
The Guardian Gate19941996Castle Collection - John Hine 14
The Guardian Gate Premier19941994Castle Collection - John Hine 12
The Guards Van (UK Version)20002000Special Event Pieces
The Guards Van (US & Canada Version)20002000Special Event Pieces 2
The Hall19941997English Village Collection 7
The Harvest Moon20022002Dinner Party Collection 1
The Hop Pickers19982001Pubs and Taverns of England Collection 3
The Hot Pot20022002Dinner Party Collection
The House of Usher19981998Haunted House Collection
The House on the Loch19891994The Scottish Collection 234
The House On Top19821988The Main Collection 515
The Joinery19992000Collector's Guild Pieces 23
The Kingmaker's Castle (Carnival Edition)19941994Special Event Pieces
The Kingmaker's Castle (US Version)19941994Castle Collection - John Hine 24
The Kings Fissure20022002Crack The Code Collection
The Kirk20052007Neptune's Staircase
The Labyrinth20022002The Main Collection 3
The Lighthouse Isle20082010The Main Collection - FDW
The Maltings20012001Collector's Guild Pieces
The Mash House20012001Special Event Pieces
The Millennium At Horseshoe Bay19991999Special Event Pieces 1
The Model Dairy19961996Collector's Guild Pieces 27
The Mouse House20012002Winter Chronicles Collection
The Observatory19972000Forest of Dean Collection 1
The Old Curiosity Shop19811983The Main Collection 3
The Old Distillery19821993The Scottish Collection 23
The Parish School House19961997South Downs Collection 1
The Park19961996Garden Cottages of England Collection 2
The Park Premier19961996Garden Cottages of England Collection 1
The Parsonage19841996At The Centre Of The Village 14
The Pavilion19881990Collector's Guild Pieces 112
The Pineapple Pit20022002Eccentrics Collection 1
The Plucked Ducks19901990Collector's Guild Pieces 30
The Porter's Lodge20002001Collector's Guild Pieces 4
The Post Office19941997English Village Collection 5
The Potted Shrimp19991999Pubs and Taverns of England Collection
The Pottery19901991Collector's Guild Pieces 224
The Potting Shed19921995Cameo Collection 7
The Printer19911994The Main Collection 14
The Priory Of The Lost Souls20012001Haunted House Collection
The Privy19921995Cameo Collection 5
The Quack's Cottage19941997English Village Collection 4
The Rapunzel20002001Pubs and Taverns of England Collection
The Recluse's20002001Eccentrics Collection 5
The Rectory19941997English Village Collection 12
The Refectory20012002King Arthur Collection
The Royal Box20012002King Arthur Collection
The Sawmill19972000Forest of Dean Collection 1
The Schoolhouse19851995Heart of England Series 456
The Scrooge Family Home19941994Christmas Collection 618
The Scrooge Family Home19941994Christmas Ornaments
The Scrooge Family Home Plaque19941994Christmas Collection 13
The Scrooge Family Home Premier19941994Christmas Collection 4
The Seminary19941997English Village Collection 12
The Serf's Cottage19971999Pilgrims Way Collection 2
The Signal Box20002000Collector's Guild Pieces 8
The Silk Emporium20022002Eccentrics Collection 1
The Smithy19941997English Village Collection 5
The Smoked Salmon20022002Dinner Party Collection 1
The Solent Fortress (UK Version)19991999Special Event Pieces
The Solent Fortress (US Version)19991999Special Event Pieces
The Stained Glass Studio (UK Version)19991999Special Event Pieces 1
The Stained Glass Studio (US & Canada Version)19991999Special Event Pieces
The Stationmaster's House20002001Collector's Guild Pieces 2
The Steam Roller20012002Eccentrics Collection
The Tannery19941997English Village Collection 17
The Tartan Teahouse19951996Porridge Pot Alley Collection 6
The Tartan Teahouse Premier19951995Porridge Pot Alley Collection 3
The Tickled Trout19981998Pubs and Taverns of England Collection 12
The Toymaker19941994Winterville Collection 6
The Toymaker Premier19941994Winterville Collection 4
The Tree House20002002Eccentrics Collection 1
The Truffleman's House (UK Version)19981998Special Event Pieces
The Truffleman's House (US & Canada Version)19981998Special Event Pieces
The Village19811996The Village 967
The Village Shop19821996At The Centre Of The Village 665
The Weavers Lodgings19911996The Main Collection 24
The Wheatsheaf20022002Dinner Party Collection 1
There Was A Crooked House19861996In The Country 218
There Was A Narrow House19961996In The Country
Thornhill Chapel19982000Churches and Chapels of Britain Collection 1
Three Ducks Inn19801981The Main Collection 11
Tile Maker's Cottage19991999Collector's Guild Pieces 16
Tinker20022002Victorian Rhyme Collection
Tiny Tim19961996Christmas Collection 24
Tiny Tim19961996Christmas Ornaments 1
Tiny Tim Christmas Plaque19961996Christmas Collection
Tiny Tim Premier19961996Christmas Collection 11
Tollkeepers Cottage19841992In The Country 526
Tomfool's Cottage19911992Collector's Guild Pieces 219
Tomfool's Cottage19931993Christmas Ornaments
Tom's Yard19981998The Main Collection 2
Trainspotter's20002000The Main Collection
Treasure Cove20012001Crack The Code Collection
Treasures of Egypt20002000The Main Collection
Trinity Lighthouse19961998Seaside Boardwalk Collection 3
Triple Oast 19811994The Regions 211
Tudor Manor House19811991The Landowners 422
Tumble Down Springs20062007Guild Redemptions
Tyddyn Siriol19931994The Welsh Collection 7
Tythe Barn19811986The Main Collection 17

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